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 About ack technologies inc.

ACK Technologies, Inc. located in the heart of Silicon Valley was founded by Mike Akatiff in 1972 as ACK Products Inc. to design and manufacturer motorcycle racing parts. In 1974 Mr. Akatiff founded Pacific Coast Cycle Corporation to design and manufacture general motorcycle accessories.

While simi-retired in 1987 Mr. Akatiff designed a low cost altitude encoder using all solid state electronics. ACK Products Inc. was re-named ACK Technologies Inc. and began manufacturing aircraft parts in January of 1988. Since that time ACK has produced over 230,000 TSO appliances under FAA TSO-C88a, TSO-C91a, TSO-C126, TSO-C126a and TSO-C142a. In addition to the FAA approvals, we holds TSO approvals from the EASA, Transport Canada, the Brazilian ANAC and the Japanese JCAB . The aviation products are in use worldwide and have never been subject to any Airworthiness Directives or have had any safety related recalls or service bulletins issued.

All aircraft products produced by ACK Technologies, Inc. are manufactured under FAA  TSO Authorization (TSOA). Our manufacturing procedures comply with all requirements of FAR Part 21 Subpart O. Our manufacturing facility is regulated and inspected by FAA Seattle MIDO 2200 South 216th Street Des Moines, WA 98198. Our PAH Project number is PT0880NM. We are regularly audited by this MIDO to insure compliance of our manufacturing processes and records to FAA requirements. Our Quality Control Manual is FAA approved and meets the requirements of Title 14 CFR part 21 subpart O.


FAA Acceptance & Certificates

* FAA Quality Control Manual Acceptance Letter

* Air Agency Approval Certificates

If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us at 408.287.8021 or email us at info@ackavionics.com.